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Your full access workshop includes...

  • 1hr & 50-minute in-depth workshop on the full First $1,000 Framework

  • Additional 40-minute anything-goes Q&A
  • Full audio & video recordings & downloads
  • In-depth report: 3-step process for becoming a trusted (& highly paid) expert
  • 3 top tools for discovering your passion & the value you'll deliver to others
  • My personal detailed 130-item product creation and $154,000 launch checklist
  • Exact emails, scripts & surveys I used to test a market & be certain of having customers long before building anything
  • Case studies & behind-the-scenes breakdowns of my products, launches and psychology that I've never publicly shared
  • The Results-Backed 'Make Your First $1,000' Guarantee


Student Getting Real Results: 

“After taking your “Make your first $1k course” I finally decided nothing was going to hold me back. I said, “screw the sales funnel”, “screw the perfect sales page” and I just launched the thing. In a matter of weeks I made nearly $2,000 by building out my own online course on my site and I have people from the US, UK, and AUS taking my 6-week Living Mindful Masterclass! I have to thank you for that extra little push your course gave me. I don’t do courses and decided to take yours and I’m so glad I did."

– Josh B.


"Thank you SO MUCH for this course. I used it to create something of value for a community that I love and in the process I’ve made my first $1,000. And even more exciting, I’ve repeatedly used the course I created called Master 27 in 5 (The Fastest Way to Increase Your Laps for Roller Derby) and it’s been a hit each time. So in the last 6 months by creating something with real value I’ve made over $3,000.“

– Kristen A.